Act IV: The Glorious Mysteries

Introductory Sequence

The Glorious Mysteries begin with an angelic choir of praise and God’s announcement of His conquest of evil through His Anointed One, Jesus. Jesus affi rms that He has conquered death and now lives, through the deliverance of His Father, who proclaims His Redemption. The Holy Spirit declares that the time of mourning is over and salvation is at hand. The Trinity rejoices, and peace is promised to the nations.

Part 1. The Resurrection of Jesus

The Pharisee Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea take Jesus’s Body down from the Cross and place The Body, anointed with spices, in the tomb. The chief priests continue to mock Jesus’s claim that He will rise from the dead. The Holy Spirit chastises them, and the Archangel Michael assures that they will fear Him. Jesus cries to God from hell, and God, hearing His pleas, delivers Jesus. The earth shakes and trembles, as Jesus emerges victorious.

Satan and his angels and the evil of the opposing chief priests, temple scribes, and pharisees are overcome. God rewards Jesus for His sacrifice by taking away the iniquity of the people and proclaiming the defeat of the oppressor. Jesus claims His victory over death and is dressed in new garments of kingship.

An angel at the tomb greets the women disciples, telling them not to fear: Behold the Lord hath given you a king (1 Kgs 12:13); He hath risen up out of his holy habitation (Za 2:13).The Risen Jesus greets His beloved disciple, Mary Magdalen, who joyously sings to God. Mary Magdalen, the other women disciples, and the apostles celebrate the entrance of the King of Glory. Jesus encounters Mary, His Mother, and she rejoices at His victory too. In reward for His sacrifice, God and the Holy Spirit now confirm Jesus’s power over all nations.

In the New Testament Scripture, an angel appears to Mary Magdalen and Mary, the mother of the disciple James, at the tomb. He tells them that Jesus is Risen and that they should tell His disciples, for they will fi nd Jesus in Galilee. On their way, they encounter Jesus and adore Him. In Galilee, Jesus appears to His disciples and confers on them the power to teach and baptize all nations in Th e Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Part 2. The Ascension of Jesus

God proclaims that Jesus has been given as a master to the Gentiles and, through Him, the fulfillment of God’s promise of peace throughout the world will be realized. The apostles expound that the proud have been brought low and the reproach of the people has been taken away. God institutes His Covenant of Peace, and Jesus infers the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, and the need for all to repent and return to Him.

The rebellious angels experience division among themselves, as several are inclined to follow The Lord. Convinced by Jesus to follow God’s Way, they ask for His forgiveness and join God’s angelic chorus. Accompanied by a commotion of praise, Jesus ascends to take His place at the right hand of His Father.

In the New Testament Scripture, Jesus shows Himself to be alive on earth for forty days after His Resurrection. He explains to His disciples that He needed to fulfill what was written in the Scriptures concerning Him, according to The Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms: that He was destined to suffer, die, and rise from the dead and that penance and the remission of sins is to be preached to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem. He further tells them that they will receive the Promise of God The Father soon: they will be baptized by the power of the Holy Spirit.

His disciples ask if this is now the time for the restoration of Israel, but Jesus tells them it is not for them to know the moments and times of God— they are now charged with being witnesses to all nations, even to the remotest places of earth. At the end of the forty days, Jesus leads them out to Betania, blesses them, and ascends into heaven.

Part 3. The Descent of The Holy Spirit

Two angels tell the apostles to return to Jerusalem, where they will receive the power of the Holy Spirit. God and Jesus also foretell the coming of the Holy Spirit and the everlasting Covenant of Peace. The Holy Spirit then descends on the disciples.

Devout men visiting in Jerusalem inquire about the great noise they have heard and the presence of the Spirit of God. A pious Jewish man inquires as to The Name of God and The Name of God’s Son. Peter responds that it is The Saviour, Jesus. God affirms that Jesus will be the Father of all nations and that the disciples will be sent to all places of the earth to convert the people to God.

In the New Testament Scripture, two angels appear to the disciples and tell them that they will experience Jesus again. They return to Jerusalem, where the Holy Spirit descends, accompanied by the sound of a great wind and tongues of fire. The disciples begin speaking in different languages.

Many devout Jews are amazed and marvel at the meaning of this great event. The Apostle Peter stands and witnesses to the call of Jesus to do penance, His power to remit sins, and the gift of the Holy Spirit to their children and those afar off.

Part 4. The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

As Mary dies, she is assumed into Heaven, where she is welcomed as the Mystical Bride of the Trinity and the Mystical Mother of the Church. Jesus proclaims that a new thing has been created upon the earth: a woman shall encompass man (Jer 31:22). The apostles affirm their admiration and love for her. God appoints her to go to many people and immolate them to The Lord of the whole earth.

Satan and his rebellious angels are outraged asking, who is she? To their dismay, Archangel Michael and God’s angelic chorus affirm her power. Mary challenges Satan and asks God to allow Satan to be struck by the words of her lips and by his own devices. The Trinity praises her again and foretells the coming of her children to God.

In the New Testament Scripture, a pregnant woman, clothed with the sun and a crown of twelve stars, battles a red dragon, Satan. The red dragon lies in wait to devour her Son, who is destined to rule all nations. When she delivers her Son, He is taken up to His throne. A great battle ensues between Archangel Michael and his angelic forces and the red dragon and his rebellious angels.

The dragon and his angels are cast out of heaven down to earth. A voice in heaven announces the time of salvation, the power of Christ, and the martyrdom of His disciples. The dragon then proceeds to persecute those children of the woman who are loyal to God.

Part 5. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

God proclaims that it should be shouted with joy to the ends of the earth that for Sion’s sake He will not rest until The Saviour is lighted as a lamp. God’s angelic chorus chants that He will renew the face of the earth. God then declares the mystical union of Jesus, the King and Bridegroom, and Mary, the New Jerusalem and Bride: Behold the voice of the daughter of my people; is not the Lord in Sion, or is not her king in her? (Jer 8:19)

God’s angelic chorus affirms Mary’s new position as Queen of Heaven and Earth: We will make thee chains of gold, inlaid with silver (Cant 1:10), as God bestows ornaments, fine clothing, fine food, and jewelry upon her. Mary, as Queen, makes a petition to Jesus, the King, who cannot refuse her request: if He is favorable to her, she will establish a House of God, a House of Prayer, for all nations.

Jesus consents and requests that Mary be sent forth from heaven to work alongside Him. They rejoice together, now as the mystical Bridegroom and Bride. God describes Mary as a mother and fruitful vine, rooted in many waters, and in the blood of the people. The Trinity proclaims that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of The Lord, as the covering of many waters. The whole ensemble then sings the praises of God, proclaiming that the vine will yield her fruit and The Lord will establish an empire of peace, making wars to cease.

In the New Testament Scripture, the voices of a multitude, like many waters and thunders, praise God and announce the marriage supper of Th e Lamb and the preparation of His adorned Bride. A Man, known as The Word of God, The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, appears on a white horse, clothed in a garment sprinkled with Blood, with a sword coming out of His mouth to strike the nations. An angel invites the people to the Great Supper of God to eat The Flesh of Kings.

The New Jerusalem is proclaimed as His Bride: God’s Tabernacle will dwell with her and her people. Now, the former things are passed away and all things are made anew: tears are wiped away and death will be no more. God glories in the accomplishments of His Son and an angel appears to reveal the Bride, the Wife of The Lamb, in Jerusalem coming out of heaven with God.

Jerusalem is now a holy city with no need of light because it is lit by Th e Lamb’s Light. The nations will walk in The Light of The Lamb and nothing defiled will enter into the holy place. And there will be no need for the Temple: For The Lord God Almighty is the temple thereof, and the Lamb (Apoc 21:22). Jesus, the Alpha and Omega, declares that those who wash their robes in His Blood have a right to the Tree of Life and to enter the holy city. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Mary, the Bride, then invite everyone who hears to come and take freely of the Water of Life.

The Sorrowful Mysteries:
The Crucifixion of Jesus

Aria – Mary

Strengthen me,
O Lord God,
at This Hour.
(Jdt 13:9)

I beseech Thee,
O Lord God,
me a Widow.
What Thou hast designed
hath been done.
(Jdt 9:3–4)
Strengthen the Resolution
In my Heart,
(Jdt 9:18)

Strengthen me,
O Lord God,
at This Hour.
(Jdt 13:9)

For Thou shewest Thy Power,
when Men will not believe Thee
to be Absolute in Power;
Thou convincest
the Boldness of them
that know Thee not.
(Wis 12:17)

Strengthen me,
O Lord God,
at This Hour.
(Jdt 13:9)