What are The Glorious Mysteries of Act IV?

The Glorious Mysteries of Act IV of The Rosary for World Peace feature the time from Jesus's Resurrection, three days after His death, to the crowning of His mother Mary as the sovereign queen of heaven and earth, many years later. 

1. The Resurrection of Jesus  
2. The Ascension of Jesus 
3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit   
4. The Assumption of Mary into Heaven 
5. The Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

The Sorrowful Mysteries:
The Scourging at the Pillar

Duet—Mary and Pharisee Nicodemus

Pharisee Nicodemus
Weeping she hath wept in the Night,
her tears were on her cheeks:
There is None to Comfort her.
(La 1:2)

Lord, when wilt Thou Look Upon me?
Rescue Thou My Soul from their Malice:
My Only One from The Lions.
(Ps 34:17)