What are The Luminous Mysteries of Act II?

The Luminous Mysteries of Act II of The Rosary for World Peace span the three years from Jesus's baptism by St. John the Baptist to the eve of His crucifixion, when He is thought to have been about 30-33 years of age.

  1. The Baptism of Jesus
  2. The Wedding in Cana
  3. The Proclamation of The Kingdom of God
  4. The Transfiguration of Jesus
  5. The Institution of the Eucharist

The Luminous Mysteries

Recitativo - Jesus

I will Seek
That which was Lost:
That which was Driven Away,
I will Bring Again.
I will Bind Up
That which was Broken,
I will Strengthen
That which was Weak,
and That which was Fat and Strong
I will Preserve.
(Ez 34:16)