Has The Rosary for World Peace libretto been reviewed by theologians?

Yes, The Rosary for World Peace was granted an Imprimatur by Rev. Msgr. John F. Canary, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Chicago and has also been reviewed by several leading theologians, including Rev. Thomas Thompson and Rev. Bertrand Buby, PhD., SM, International Marian Institute, University of Dayton, and Rev. Louis-Marie Arino Durand, OP, Promoter Generalis pro Rosario. We are deeply humbled and grateful for the blessings of His Holiness Pope Francis, His Eminence Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi, and the late Cardinal Francis George.

The Glorious Mysteries:
The Ascension of Jesus

Aria – Mary

Thine, O Lord,
is Magnificence,
and Power,
and Glory, and Victory:
and to Thee is Praise:
for all that is in Heaven,
and in Earth,
is Thine:
Thine is the Kingdom, O Lord,
and Thou art Above All Princes.
(1 Para 29:11)