What are the next steps in bringing The Rosary for World Peace to fruition as a full orchestral performance?

First an original orchestral composition needs to be commissioned, then the composition needs to be orchestrated with music scores detailed for individual instruments and voices. The music can then be recorded in a studio or performed as a live presentation. Fund raising is necessary to cover the expenses for four, separate recordings, and/or live performances. As donations are received, individual arias, duets, and choral elements will be composed and produced. 

You can become a patron of The Rosary for World Peace! Tax-deductible donations, large and small, are accepted through the Artspire program of the New York Foundation of the Arts, which is The Rosary for World Peace's fiscal sponsor. 

The Joyful Mysteries:
The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth

Duet – Mary and Elizabeth

O Magnify The Lord with me;
Let us extol His Name together.
(Ps 33:4)
Generation and Generation
shall Praise Thy Works:
They shall declare Thy Power.
(Ps 144:4)